About Our Business

Design Industry, LLC. is a manufacturer of sorting system machinery and warehouse management software. It provides high-quality sorter equipment, with full controlling electronics hardware, and the software at a low price at a rate of about 99.99% accuracy.

Let us manage your distribution sorting needs, reporting and billing of the delivered material. The sorted material weight can vary from 1oz to as heavy as 100 lb. The speed of the sort is from 60 pcs/ min to as high as 200 pcs/min. Design Industry, LLC. will provide full integration capability of any distribution center and deliver turnkey operation to our customers.

Sorters that are built and sold by Design Industry, LLC. have a wide range application category, and are used in applications such as the distribution of: CD, DVD, tapes, books, shoes, mail, tires, bags and luggage’s, mail orders, clothing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, packed food etcetera.

The customers that use our sorters are all distribution centers, airports, libraries, manufacturing sites, mail centers and others.

Design Industry LLC provides services and supports for all existing “Quantum Conveyor Systems” Sorters as well. If you have an existing Quantum Conveyors Systems sorter or conveyor, which is also known as “Quantum Sorter” and or ” Quantum Sorters” please do not hesitate to contact us for full support. We support all Quantum sorters, Maxisort and Quicksort base.

Ask us if you are not sure about your application and we provide the solution that best fits your needs.